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The following pictures are from LTC (res.) Jörg Wissdorf.   He was at Fort Bliss in 1987/88 with the German Air Force for BCO training and then as a TCO in Germany with the 4th battery of FlaRakBtl 31.   FlaRakBtl stands for Flugabwehr Raketen Batallion, anti aircraft missile battalion.   In Germany, the HAWK missiles belonged to the Air Force as part of an integrated air defence concept.

These pictures are from Mick Verrillo, 1980-1982 A Btry 2/57 32 ADA, Ansbach Germany

These pictures are from Curtis L Bussiere SFC AGR. The dedication is located in Grafenwohr Germany. That was the home of 3rd BN 60th ADA and A Battery 3/60 (Tac site #17) The pictures show the dedication at its location just outside of the Tower Theater on Base.

Hawk Memorial in Grafenwohr Germany

Memorial Placque

These pictures are from Sp5 Al Morales and SP5 Nick Tuttle.

Hawk Missile that's fallen off it's launcher because it wasn't latched down properly.  Sent in by Sp5 Al Morales, 3/59th Battery ADA, Babenhausen, Germany

Hawks in Hardheim, Germany

Hawk Site near Schweinfurt, Germany

Hawk Site near Schweinfurt, Germany

Hawk Site near Schweinfurt, Germany

Hawk CW-radar maintenance SP5, The battery cook, and the Missile Maintenance SP5

Hawk Site near Schweinfurt, Germany

SP5 Nick Tuttle

Sergeant First Class Norm Johnson

SP5 Nick Tuttle at McGregor Range annual qualifing

Hawk launch at McGregor Range annual qualifing

F-100 over Hawk Site near Schweinfurt, Germany

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