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The Americal Division Veteran's Association (ADVA) is in the process of preparing a new monument to be dedicated to the artillery units supporting the Americal Division in Vietnam.   So roughly within the next two years there will be a dedication ceremony at Ft. Sill to a select group of units from WWII and Vietnam.   I have started pulling materials together as the Vietnam era historian for our 3,000 member association.   I have located reports and 4 issues of the 6/56th Bn newsletters from 1969. I have just started processing the newsletters into our data base this week.   If you are interested I would like to share this information with those from the 6/56th Artillery. I would be interested in locating additional materials on the 6/57th Artillery.   I am attaching the cover of the March 6, 1969 issue of the "Night Hawk".   I am also attaching three photos of a Hawk missile I had taken over Ky Hoa Island when I had served as a helicopter crew chief. I have a few more and some articles with photos from our Division newspaper the "Southern Cross" as well as some articles from the "Pacific Stars & Stripes" about our LAAM unit.

Les Hines...ADVA Vietnam era historian.

Contact information AmericalHistory@gmail.com
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These 6 pictures are from Les Hines...ADVA Vietnam era historian, 6th Air Defense Artillery, 56th Artillery Brigade,

March 6, 1969 issue of the

These 6 pictures are from Eddie Donato, Battery D, 6th Air Defense Artillery, 56th Artillery Brigade, Chu Lai Air Base, Vietnam 1968-1969

Chu Lai Air Base.

Chu Lai Air Base.

Chu Lai Air Base.

This battery was located on an island just off Chu Lai.

Launcher closeup.

Launcher closeup.

These following 7 pictures are from Sgt.Jim Gropper, Battery A, 6th Air Defense Artillery, 56th Artillery Brigade, Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Vietnam 1965-1966

Sgt.Jim Gropper's tent

Down the path to the 4 barrel shit house

Launcher area flooded during monsoon rains.

Loading Hawks onto the launcher.

Getting ready for Saigon.

Main Gate to TacSite, just across from TSN Airbase Control Tower.

SGt John Laughlen hard at work.

These 4 are also from Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Vietnam.

C Battery, 56th Artillery
HAWK missiles

Looking from main gate at the Orderly Room of C Battery, 56th Artillery

Looking from the gate toward guard tower 4 in center of photo

Hawk Illuminators at C/6/56

Hawk Link 30th Patch Torri Patch